Telekom Electronic Beats

Big Room House

Electronic Beats will curate three nights of sonic experiences for IKEA's presence at Salone del Mobile in Milan. From April 18 to 20, we will explore the relationship of the home and the club, of the private and the public. Please join us at Via Tortona 58. Here and now, we present a meditation by Jack Self to set the context for the event.

Let’s consider what it means to be home,
To live in environments we made ourselves,
Constant among mutation and reinvention,
An ecology of appliances and furniture.

The home is a biosphere of products,
Each room a niche island ecosystem,
Such exotic diversity masks the reality,
Homes perform a stable, eternal role.

Now we are even nostalgic for the present,
Normality is as dependable as quicksand,
Familiar objects and spaces have vanished:
Landlines, photo albums, guest rooms.

Tastes and styles come and go at speed,
Functions and symbols remain unchanged,
Furniture personifies human relationships,
And love is the eternal bond of the home.

Society is the sum of all its families,
To design the family is to design society,
The home is the incubator for the family,
To design the home is to design society.

What if the ideal home of the future,
Was a club playing big room house?
The nightclub is the family we choose,
The club is a model for future society.

Very loud music creates a strange silence,
An ecstatic resonance between bodies,
That dissolves convention and expectation,
And allows us to see each other as beings.

The club is democratic and inclusive,
Freed from old hierarchies, and parents,
It is a space without judgement: a stage,
To roleplay tomorrow’s utopian societies.

The club embraces with great compassion,
Everyone rejected by tradition and power,
The outcasts of dysfunctional families,
The lost who search for a new home.

The club is a model for future society:
It is a big room house that proves to all,
That another world is not only possible,
In the club, it already exists.

Text by Jack Self