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Björk’s Biophilia gets even more re-mixers

Björk’s Biophilia gets even more re-mixers We are not cynical (much) but this is milking it a little bit we think. Bjork is to release an eight part remix series of her latest, multi-dimensional album Biophilia. Feature a huge number of artists that includes Hudson Mohawke, Death Grips, Alva Noto, King Cannibal, Current Value, These New Puritans, Matthew Herbert, 16 Bit and El Guincho the releases will be available on vinyl and CD and of course limited run collectors editions to be released every two weeks from April. Considering that we have already had a massive amount of remixes and ‘versions’ of the album this could be a remix too far for the not so well off Bjork Fan.

Published March 07, 2012.