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Bogner’s TV Guide No. 9

Bogner’s TV Guide No. 9 Last Thursday, Louis C.K. returned to television with the third season premiere of his often awkward but ultimately heartwarming TV show Louie. As I’ve come to expect, it was hilarious and full of jokes pulled from the NYC-based comedian’s everyday life, but also packed with scenes that are such a perfect combination of painfully real and outrageously funny that you end up choking on your own laughter. Here’s five things you should know about the man I feel is the best comedian of this decade.

1. Big on Twitter
Like many other artists and celebrities, Louis C.K is huge on Twitter. As of this moment, he has exactly 1,343,259 followers. He’s currently following nobody.

2. Likes to do it by himself
Last December the comedian started cutting out the middleman by releasing his new show Live at the Beacon Theater via his personal website. Oh yeah, he also wrote, performed, edited and directed the show by himself. As if this weren’t enough, he also refrained from using any means of copy protection to deter piracy. So after paying five dollars, you can download or stream the show or give it to as many friends as you’d like. Of course, Live at the Beacon Theater ended up on The Pirate Bay, but that didn’t stop plenty of people from dishing out a fiver to support Louis’ stand against big studios and TV networks. After about twelve days the show grossed over a million dollars and went on to do so well that Louis actually paid his filming and producing crews a healthy bonus as opposed to hoarding the fruits of their combined efforts for himself.

In the beginning of 2012, Louie took it a step further and started selling tickets for his shows exclusively via his website to keep ticket prices low and eliminate scalping. Every ticket is $45 – a fraction of what you would normally pay due to ticket servicing charges and convenience fees and all that other bullshit.

3. Interested in Girls
Not only young females, which I guess he likes too, but the show Girls. Probably showgirls too. The man has good taste.

4. REALLY likes to do it by himself
Like almost anybody else, Louis C.K. is big into masturbation. He also likes to talk about it. A lot. So much so that there’s an episode in season two dedicated solely to the slamming/jamming of dickmeat. In Come on, God, he’s invited to a FOX “News” debate about jacking off, and of course he’s the one brought in to defend it. By the way, the first joke in the first episode of the new season? Yeah, there’s a dick involved.

5. Louis has two daughters from a prior marriage
You may think of this as personal trivia, having nothing to do with Louie the comedian, but that would mean you haven’t watched the show yet. His two daughters and other parts of his family like his brother Robbie and his sister (who is featured very prominently in the first episode of season two) are recurring characters on the show. Of course they are all played by actors and it’s not his real family, but you can’t get rid of the feeling that you’re actually seeing scenes from his private life – or at the very least inspired by actual events in his private life. Hopefully you would have gotten the hint given the title of the show, right?

Published July 06, 2012.