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Bradley Benedetti: Multi-Dimensional Visionary

Bradley Benedetti: Multi-Dimensional Visionary Bradley Benedetti is one of my favorite prophets of weird. The 29-year-old Colorado native has constructed worlds out of dead languages both audio and visual. His video narratives tend to look like something off of Leigh Bowery’s Geocities page, and his sculpture installations, using contemporary objects, echo with pagan symbolism. In fact much of his work is rife with the scent of ancient rituals: his multi-dimensional character Vlad Kromatika always appears in full makeup that has just as much tribal shaman as club kid. Party Prophet has some iMotions to share with you:

Even more intriguing is his involvement in the Skry-Pod, where artists experiment with the occult using iPhone apps, the collaborative Center for Cognitive Chaos & Astral Physics Research (often referred to as MagickWindows) and the mysterious SAFARINON project.

Published September 20, 2011.