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Brand new music on latest R&S compilation

Brand new music on latest R&S compilation IOTDXI is the name of the latest compilation on R&S Records. R&S have long been known for collecting their current crop of records together in the collections such as ‘In Order to Dance’, and that is something that has continued with the imprint’s current incarnation, after they re-launching as a new independent label in 2009.

Spanning two discs, the first takes in tracks from Model500, Vondelpark, Pariah and James Blake and is something of a ‘greatest hit’s for the MkII R&S with some of the best known tracks from the last couple of years. However the really exciting part is disc two. Filled with brand new and unreleased material from Blawan, Klaus, Lone, Untold and Bullion all the music is previously unheard and exclusive to the compilation. Look out for it when it is released in early November and in the meantime stream the track ‘Left Unsaid’ by Pariah below.

Pariah – Left Unsaid (from IOTDXI) by R & S Records

Published October 19, 2011.