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Bryan Ferry – An Exhibition opening night in review

Bryan Ferry - An Exhibition opening night in review

Last night saw the inauguration of the month-long Bryan Ferry exhibition at Berlin’s .HBC club. On display were over 100 images from Ferry’s private archive. Covering his career from the early days of Roxy Music through his long and varied solo career, the images gave a fascinating insight into the world behind the lens of one of the world’s most iconic singers.

With a colorful collection of Berlin faces and music industry types in attendance, guests were also treated to an open conversation between Bryan Ferry and “Roxyist” Michael Bracewell, a British author who has written not one but three books about Ferry and Roxy Music to date. The two perfectly clad gentlemen’s talk turned into a witty dialogue revealing background information about Ferry’s legendary cover artwork and the early years of his career before the charmed audience was released into a beautiful night of art, music and chit-chat.

Photos: ©Grey Hutton, @Roland Owsnitzki

Published December 08, 2011.