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Burial to drop new material

Burial to drop new material

It’s been announced this morning by Warp’s very own that electronic music demi-god Burial will be releasing his first new solo material in over four years. This would explain why we heard screams across the hall this morning.

After hearing the news that Four Tet, Thom Yorke and Burial have collaborated on a 12" we will now turn our attention to Burial’s own stuff which is a 3 track 12" to be released on Hyperdub, the A-side titled ‘Street Halo’ with two accompanying tracks ‘NYC’ and ‘Stolen Dog’.

Apart from waiting for a K7! Burial DJ-Kicks which will never materialize and the Massive Attack commissioned remix album, this will definitely suffice for now.

Get your copy here.

Burial – Street Halo (HDB013) will be issued Monday, 28th of March, 2011

Published March 23, 2011.