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Burial’s new EP now streaming, for sale on Hyperdub

Burial's new EP now streaming, for sale on Hyperdub In today’s blogworld of dime-a-dozen post-whatever UK beatmakers, where pitch-shifted vocal samples are dropped amongst skittery garage beats like it’s going out of style (fingers crossed) it can be easy to forget that much of this influence stems from Burial‘s 2007 masterpiece Untrue. A melancholic masterpiece, it’s an album of intricate rain-soaked beauty that still takes our breath away. After a gorgeous collaboration with Massive Attack late last year, he’s returned with a new EP. Kindred may be nothing new in terms of sound, but it shows that Bevan doesn’t necessarily need to break new ground to enrapture; he’s a master of his craft and it shows. The three tracks are now available to be streamed and purchased from Hyperdub’s website here. We highly suggest you do so immediately.

Burial – Loner

Published February 13, 2012.