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Club Dares: Five Bold Things To Do At A Party

Dare #1: Tell everyone on the dance floor that the vomit on the ground is yours.

The excitement of dancing in front of your favorite DJ surrounded by your friends—not to mention that FC Barcelona you just popped—can give you quite a rush. Sometimes it’s so intense that you or someone around you might spew, and if you or they do, we dare you to politely alert everyone dancing nearby of what just happened. We suggest something pleasant and helpful to the effect of, “Hey, by the way: I threw up right there, so watch out! Don’t worry, though—I’m okay. ? Just make sure you don’t get too close!”

Dare #2: Ask for your money back on your way out.

Aren’t you tired of spending money to get into parties you might not even like? Club customer service usually isn’t very good either, whether you’re waiting in line to be DENIED or interrogated just for the opportunity to give them money. Sounds like a ripoff to us, which is why your challenge is to ask for you money back at the door after you leave. What, the bouncers are scary? You might not get in again if they recognize you next time? Get over it, baby. Explain to the doormen or cashier that you just lost 15 hours of your life inside there, and for that you deserve guaranteed quality and nonstop fun. Extra points if you yell something about writing a bad Yelp review.

Dare #3: Scream “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M AT BERGHAIN” even if you’re not there (but especially if you are).

Find a visible perch in a quieter corner of the nightclub—a chill-out room, a garden, etc—and scream “I CAN’T BELIEVE I’M AT BERGHAIN” at the top of your lungs. This proclamation should be followed by an effusive manifesto (or perhaps a sonnet) about why you love it there or at whatever club you’re at.

Dare #4: Ask people standing and sitting next to you if they farted.

Just lean over and be like, “Woof, what the hell. Hey dude, did you fart? It smells like fart.”

Dare #5: Bring a bag full of something weird to be discovered at security.

The possibilities for this one are endless, but we’ll give you some ideas to start with. The idea is that the people checking your bag for weapons or drugs will find and conspicuously confiscate these items. But if you do get through with them, your job is to trip and fall, thereby spilling the contents of your bag all over the floor. Here are some ideas:

-A LOT of merchandise with a corporate logo, like t-shirts and stickers.
-A mini DJ controller that you can plug into the mixer via USB.
-Bags of dog shit or dirty diapers.
-A bunch of cassettes or CDs labeled “My Demo”
-Camping gear: a tent; a mini-grill; sleeping bag and pad; etc.

If you complete one of these dares or you have an idea for another one, we want to hear about it. Tweet @EBnet.

Published July 29, 2016.