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c/o pop 2012: Editor’s Choice

c/o pop 2012: Editor's Choice It goes without saying that, if you’re attending Cologne’s c/o pop festival, you’re gonna be seeing our excellent Touch Yello performance – last tickets available here. It’s virtually (see what we did there?) the coolest thing to see that features Yello, unless you count an amazing dream one of our editors had last weekend….that was a heck of a show, at least according to him. But what else are you going to see? There’s plenty of options, but we’ve gathered our five must-see performances for your perusal – take a look, mark your calendars, and see you soon (we hope!)

1. Soap&Skin

Beautifully dark orchestral pop that’s as unsettling as it is catchy. This is the kind of live show that makes your emotions surge.

2. Light Asylum

The NYC goth destroyas have been taking Europe by storm lately thanks to frequent tours; if you haven’t seen their powerful, dancefloor-killing live show yet, then now’s the time.

3. Dillon

There’s a reason Dillon was an EB covergirl: she’s absolutely charming live.

4. Prinzhorn Dance School

We don’t usually go in for the more ‘polite’ forms of post-punk, but this UK duo have won us over with their latest LP Clay Class. We’re very much looking forward to seeing them in person!

5. La Femme

Surfy proto-punk done by models. Lovely to see, lovely to hear, and hey, it’s summer!

Published June 19, 2012.