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Counting With Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown has consistently been at the forefront of underground music for several years now, whether with her husband, Britt Brown, helping to operate the Not Not Fun record label, showcasing the best of off-kilter American dance music with her own sister label 100% Silk, or via LA Vampires—her primary musical project after the dissolution of Pocahaunted.

While Pocahaunted, LA Vampires and Not Not Fun have dominated a strain of dubbed-out, particularly American lo-fi psychedelia, 100% Silk brings an underground edge to the dancefloor. With that unusual pedigree of savoir faire, we knew that Amanda wasn’t one to do it by the numbers.


1 memorable line in a film or song:

“Anything I did that was wrong, I apologize for. But anything I did that was not wrong, I don’t apologize for.” – Whit Stillman, The Last Days of Disco

2 decisions I regret:
Tour and touring.

3 people that should collaborate:
Tilda Swinton, Yohji Yamamoto, and Jenny Holzer.

4 things I haven’t done yet:
– Owned a flat in Paris.
– Opened my own minimalist department store.
– Bought my two French bulldogs—Bergdorf Goodman and Waldorf Astoria.
– G-chatted with Bjork.

5 things I used to believe:
– The term ‘oral sex’ means talking about sex.
– Paul McCartney was the Beatles’ guitarist.
– Drug-sniffing dogs can smell your birth control pills.
– Wifi gives you cancer.
– The Stormtroopers were good guys (because I’ve only seen the scene in Star Wars where Luke and Han Solo are wearing those white outfits).

6 hours ago…

7 classic R&B/hip-hop singles everyone should own:
– “Here We Go Again” – Portrait
– “Night and Day” – Al B Sure
– “Passin’ Me By” – Pharcyde
– “Umi Says” – Mos Def
– “Ditty” – Paperboy
– “Looking Through Patient Eyes” – PM Dawn
– “Can’t Find A Way” – A Tribe Called Quest

After 8 p.m. . . .
I’m wearing a raw silk kimono and Robert Clergerie slippers, drinking reishi mushroom tea, reading Lorrie Moore or watching a documentary on Pina Bausch. And I’m obviously in for the night.

My 9 lives . . .
– Nickelodeon Staff Writer
– runway model for Phoebe Philo
– Woody Allen’s personal assistant
– womenswear buyer for Barneys
– John Waters’ beard/best friend
– nude muse for Patrick Nagel
– body painter at Studio 54
– curator at the Centre Pompidou
– back-up dancer for Digital Underground

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole:
Beer. Or the Middle East. (Both are sloppy.)~


Title photo by Ashley Anthony.

Published March 07, 2013.