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Counting with Disclosure

We cornered men of the minute Disclosure backstage at EB Festival Podgorica and subjected them to our infamous Counting With questions. The result? Revelatory insights on Eastenders, vodka shots imbibed through eye sockets, and biblical confusion.


When you’re the youngest people in the room and everybody else is only there because of you, something special must have happened. In the case of brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, also known as Disclosure, that special thing was exploding onto the international dance music scene out of nowhere with a wonderfully produced musical concoction of vocal-laced garage and funky, deep house. Speaking backstage at Electronic Beats Festival in Podgorica, Montenegro, the duo were so laid back you’d almost think that having a debut album receive favorable reviews across the board and notch up appearances in various countries’ charts was a natural occurrence. Between plenty of sniggering remarks and a variety of inside jokes, the brothers offered some revealing insights into their offstage activities.

Interview by Jannik Schaefer.


One memorable line in a film or song:

Howard: From Kanye’s new album: “I want to fuck you hard in the sink.”

Two decisions I regret:

Guy: I once did a shot of vodka through my eye.
H: It’s called a headshot.
G: We diluted it a little bit with Vermouth, it was kind of like a Martini.
H: I regret not getting piano lessons from a younger age, I’d be way better. I got some occasionally from the age of six but didn’t like it, I started playing bass instead.

Three people that should collaborate:

G: D’Angelo, James Blake…
H: … And Pusha T.

Four things you haven’t done yet:

H: Sky dive, Bungee jump, scuba dive…
G: … And go to space.

Five things I used to believe:

G: I used to believe in Santa.
H: I used to believe Legoland was its own country. I used to believe Prince was a prince. You know how they do “Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit”? I thought Jesus was the father and God was the son.
G: I used to believe Howard had any mental capacity to retain information. Now I don’t.

Six hours ago:

G: We were on a plane here with the smallest legroom we’ve ever found so far. I listened to Foals new album, it’s wicked.I’m a big fan anyway.

Seven days I barely remember:

G: When I went to Bloc Weekend, which is a festival in the UK held in a holiday resort which doesn’t exist anymore because they moved it and it’s shut down. I don’t remember that, for obvious reasons.
H: I remember most stuff because I don’t drink. The seven days after my birth are a bit hazy.
G: I remember his birth, I was there.

After 8pm:

G: Get the After Eights out. Watch Eastenders, if you’re my mum. I don’t join her, but I still know the characters from ’98, Beppe, Phil, Steve…

My nine lives:

G: Are going down.
H: I like cats?

Ten years since 9/11:

G: It’s a long time. I still watch a documentary every year, I get drawn in. Whenever they’re on TV I want to watch them. I don’t know why, it’s not for pleasure. We were in New York the other day and the new tower is massive, the Freedom Tower.
H: It’s unbelievably big. ~


Published September 30, 2013. Words by jannik.