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Counting with Gareth Owen

Counting with Gareth Owen Gareth is the music editor at Electronic Beats. A Berlin resident for nearly five years, he is a long standing member of the EB team. Outside of the office he can be found in the shady corners of Berlin’s DJ booths, throwing epic parties with the Sameheads crew and hosting a semi-regular listening party called Family Planning. He has a monthly show called Fractal on Sweatlodge Radio. He loves Abba and becomes violent at the suggestion they are rubbish. Let’s count with Gareth Owen then:

1 memorable line in a film or song:
“There are times when I look back and I am haunted by my youth”

2 decisions I regret:
Taking that money. Actually…
Not contributing to someone who helped me

3 people that should collaborate:
Adrian Sherwood
Shirley Bassey

4 things I haven’t done yet:
Got married
Visited a grave
Spent more than 50 euro on a record
Watched Citizen Kane all the way through

5 things I used to believe:
Bananas make everyone’s mouths itch
Moving clouds show that the earth is spinning
Ian Lehee was after me
I would never have a driving license
I’d never get it off

6 hours ago…
I was asleep with my girlfriend and dog

7 days I barely remember:
I cannot remember

After 8 p.m. …
All bets are off

My 9 lives …
Are probably running out

10 years since 9/11 …
So it is

And in case you wonder, Gareth is the good bloke on the left side of the picture…

Published September 21, 2011.