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Counting with Louise Brailey

Sussex-born but London-bred, Louise Brailey is one of the staff editors here at EBHQ. She has moderately high stress levels and dislikes the present continuous tense—you know, the usual things. Despite an unhealthy obsession with aggro grime and stern techno Louise is, and will always be, into bands who sport tailored black trousers and lots of pedals.


1 memorable line in a film or song:

“I gave up ideology the day I lost my looks” – from “I Was a Maoist Intellectual”, Momus.

2 decisions I regret:

– Not getting good at darts when I lived in a shared household with dartboard and darts. I love darts.
– That whole indie-schmindie period in my period where I’d go to Afterskool at LSE and dance to The Dears in a skinny tie and drink cider and, oh man, they were the days.

3 people who should collaborate:

Lydia Lunch, John Cooper Clarke and Roly Porter.

4 things I haven’t done yet:

– Glastonbury. I’ve never admitted that until now, and I’ve sat in meetings discussing “the Glastonbury Issue”
– Attended the Brit Awards
– Or the Mercury’s. C’mon!
– Been to New York. It’s just like a Stephen Sondheim musical, riiiiight?

5 things I used to believe:

– Old Street IS IT
– T-shirts are appropriate evening wear
– Bo Selecta was funny
– The 90s were over
– That after I finished uni I’d still read Foucault, just for fun—you know?

6 hours ago…

… I was opening Christmas presents, somewhat belatedly. It’s not like I’m writing this on Christmas Day.

7 days I barely remember:

I’ve an excellent memory, not sure what this is insinuating?

After 8 p.m…

… I watch University Challenge, but only if it’s a Monday or else that would be desperately sad.

My 9 lives:

Heaven knows, but one did taper off at Kater Holzig one time…

10 bands I can’t live without:



Throbbing Gristle

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

The Horrors


David Bowie

These New Puritans

Roxy Music


Published January 01, 2013. Words by Louise Brailey.