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Counting with Martin Hossbach

Martin Hossbach doesn’t just license the Electronic Beats Magazine CD, he also presides over the aptly named record label Martin Hossbach—the latest release being a collaboration between Peaches and Rafael Horzon. True Berlin. He is also the biggest Pet Shop Boys and New Order fan on the planet, and is often seen digging through Discogs for some highly limited stuff. On the side he works as a movie soundtrack consultant.


1 memorable line in a film or song

“She’s made you some kind of laughing stock / because you dance to disco and you don’t like rock”—Pet Shop Boys, “Can You Forgive Her”.

2 decisions I regret

1. I sold my woolen Champion hat I bought when I was 15 at the flea market three years ago.
2. Not having continued taking lessons in speaking Italian.

3 people that should collaborate

Let the people decide for themselves with whom they’d like to collaborate.

4 things I haven’t done yet

1. Hiked on the Outer Hebrides
2. Learnt how to read a compass
3. Played all of Satie’s “Gymnopédies”
4. Bought a car

5 things I used to believe

1. A CD is the greatest medium there is.
2. A mountain bike is the best kind of bicycle there is.
3. I will always continue playing vinyl at home.
4. I should learn how to match beats when DJing.
5. Wearing a tie is uncomfortable.

6 hours ago

I got up and had two slices of toast and an espresso.

7 days I barely remember

I forget a lot (which I actually don’t mind).

After 8 p.m.

I don’t like to answer the phone.

My 9 lives:

Sadly, I’ve only got one.

10 bands I can’t live without

Pet Shop Boys
New Order
Joy Division
The Durutti Column
The Smiths
The Housemartins
Talk Talk
The The
Eric B & Rakim

Published November 26, 2012.