Telekom Electronic Beats

Counting with Róisín Murphy

We hope you know the score now. Ten numbers for one of the stars of the Electronic Beats Festival in Zagreb, the one, the only Róisín Murphy.

1 memorable line in a film or a song:
In a song… I have to say something really cool, but I’ll probably end up saying Jingle bells, Jingle bells, since Christmas is coming.

2 decisions I regret:
Decisions I regret? I don’t really have any.

3 people that sould collaborate:
Uf, this is like homework… Barack Obama and… I don’t know, I don’t know…

4 things you haven’t done yet:
Learn to drive, learn to garden, learn to cook and learn to pace myself.

5 things I used to believe:
I used to believe in fairies. I used to believe my father could get me the magic wand from the fairies so I can change something like a chair into Elvis Presley. I used to believe he ( Elvis ) could be my boyfriend. I used to believe it was all over, but it isn’t.

6 hours ago:
I arrived to Zagreb to play the Electronic Beats show.

7 records everyone should own:
Astral Weeks, Daydream Nation, Raw Power, Hervest, Padlock. Ummm, maybe just one more: Around the house by Matthew Herbert.

After 8 PM:
I’ve just finished bathing my baby and I sit down and have a cigarette.

My 9 lives:
You only have one life and you really have to rinse it while you can.

I wouldn’t touch it with the 10 foot pool:
The euro crisis.

Published December 06, 2011.