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Counting with The Whendays

Counting with The Whendays Looking for something shiney and new? Here you go: The Whendays consider themselves a pop band and right they are. Having released their first dreamy affair in November 2011, they had us floating in a sun-flecked trance. To properly introduce you to The Whendays we caught up with Berghain-approved Serge, who just recently moved to Stockholm to continue working with his band-mate Simon, and asked him for his personal countdown. There’s an album in the making, too. To be released in the summer – just perfect.

1 memorable line in a film or song: 
The Wackness (2008)

Stephanie: Know what your problem is, Shapiro? It’s that you just have this really shitty way of looking at things, ya know? I don’t have that problem. I just look at the dopeness. But you, it’s like you just look at the wackness, ya know?

2 decisions I regret:
I regret…
eating currywurst at Curry 36.
not being goth.

3 people that should collaborate:
I would love to see Bradford Cox, Kassem Mosse, and Sade collab.

4 things I haven’t done yet:
i haven’t….
learned Swedish
dropped acid
gotten a tattoo

5 things I used to believe:
… that Simon Riethner (singer of The Whendays) was adopted by Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
… that the Golden shower room in Berghain existed.
… i had mind powers.
… that american politician Sarah Palin was a man – yet to be determined.
… that Sting was cool.

6 hours ago…
…. I was working as a production assistant on a commercial for a French Tv.

7 days I barely remember:
When i was a kid i jumped into a pool without knowing how to swim and almost drowned. Frankly, the last thing i remember from that incident is seeing whales and dolphins swimming past me, and a merman that looked like my dad. I woke up seven days later…

After 8 p.m….
On weekdays after 8 p.m. Simon, Filip and I are usually working on The Whendays’ debut album. We’ve started a new process of breaking down our demos from Ableton sessions and rebuilding them with acoustic instruments to see if and how we can reinterpret them. I consider us an electronic group, however, incorporating 12-string acoustic guitar and a piano with our synths and drum samples, for example, has led to some exciting stuff. Our album will be out later this year on Cascine- big ups to Jeff and Sandra!

My 9 lives…
I’m still on my first one. However, if anyone wants to trade a couple of lives for an all paid trip to Central and South America this summer email me!

I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole:
American Idol
The Tea party
Gossip Girl
Bell bottoms
Curry 36
World of Warcraft

The Whendays “PCKT” from The Whendays on Vimeo.

Published March 19, 2012.