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Covering Tracks: Avalon Emerson

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask our favorite producers and DJs to recommend ten new (and not so new) releases. We’re closing out this week with a set of tracks from Avalon Emerson, a Berlin-via-San Francisco transplant whose Let Me Love and Steal EP hit shelves this week via Spring Theory. Each tune she’s picked for us was plucked from a record that she discovered while crate digging in stores across the United States during a tour that she just completed. We’ll let Avalon take it from here.

I can’t say I’m too much of an advance-copy, demo-rinsing DJ. I firmly believe that a lot of the best stuff is tucked away in record stores with no listening stations, under the arm and recommendation of a record store employee, or under everyone’s noses in the dollar bin—far from hype, inflated Discogs prices, and disposable promo pools. Here are a few dope cuts I got from record stores while on tour.

Turntable Terror — “Scream (Bonestrack)” [Mid-Town]
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This sloppy ’91 rave stuff will always have a home in my heart. Plus, it features some of my favorite samples from that era.
Picked up at: K-Starke in Chicago, for free. Kevin told me I could grab two records from the dollar section on the way out.

The Friend — “Bleed” [Local Heat]

This whole 12″ is really unique and beautiful.
Picked up at: Gramaphone Records in Chicago, on a recommendation from Jacob.

Roland Clark — “Simple Things (Joaquin’s Drum Dub Version)” [Sacred Rhythm]
Simple Things by Roland Clark
A masterfully produced and arranged jazz and drum-driven record.
Picked up at: Gramaphone Records in Chicago, on a recommendation from Michael.

TP Traxx (aka Terrence Parker) – “Untitled” [Intangible Records & Soundworks]

FYI, this video is for the A side, and I play the B side, which is much better in my opinion.
Picked up at: Recordland in Calgary, Candada

Da Posse — “In The Heat of the Night (Jimpster’s Stretchedit)” [Freerange Records]

A great light-handed edit for a bit more room to work with in a DJ context.
Picked up at: Vinyl Dreams in San Francisco

Marquis Hawkes — “Peanut” [Clone Jack 4 Daze]

This might just be as good as it gets, as far as European white dudes making old school acid goes.
Picked up at: Vinyl Dreams in San Francisco

Aria Rostami — “Czarat” [Spring Theory]

I love how the bright yellow cardstock interior and embossed artwork complement Aria’s complex instrumentation and arrangement.
Picked up at: Spring Theory HQ in San Francisco

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Published October 24, 2014. Words by Elissa Stolman.