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Covering Tracks: Blond:ish

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask producers and DJs to take it in turns to pick ten of their favorite recent (and not so recent) releases. Want to wade into the deluge of music? Hate getting your feet wet? Let us help you. This week’s selectors behind the selections: Canadian house duo Blond:ish aka Anstascia D’elene and Vivie-Ann Bakos.


Damien K. Sahri – “Guitarra Trina” (The Persuader remix) [AD Limited]

Anstascia: This one is out on Alexi Delano’s label AD Limited. It’s a perfect after-hours track because it pulls you in subtly, hypnotizes you, then unleashes you after the break. Brilliant.


Blond:ish – “Birds Eat Birds” [Kompakt]

Vivie-Ann: We’ve chosen this because it’s ours and because it gets the dancefloor in a frenzy. All those random Tulum field recordings at work in this one: you can hear the vocal chant that we recorded after I ran full-speed after a street vendor outside our makeshift Tulum studio [the duo set up a temporary studio in the Mexican town]. We put the vocal in the track and it fit perfectly in key . . . magic!


Decius – “Come To Me Villa” [moreaboutmusic]

Vivie-Ann: We play this in a middle of a set to change the mood. It always makes people get a bit freaky on the dancefloor. I like to watch . . . hence why I like the song so much.


Someone Else – “Little Helper 135-2” [Little Helpers]

Vivie-Ann: Subtleties are key. I love it when you get into a groove, then it hits you with a curveball of a vocal that you love, but done in a different and less obvious way. This one does just that.


Butch, C Vogt – “Infamous” (Robytek vs Shield Edit) [Rebirth]

Vivie-Ann: Sophistication at its finest right here! Ibiza villa party euroravers love this one . . .


Pional – It’s All Over (John Talabot’s Stormbreak Refix) [Hivern]

Anstascia: The hypnotic vocals makes this one of those tracks that you want to hear over and over again while sipping a margarita somewhere sunny while watching unicorns fly by. Ok, maybe no unicorns but the rest, yes.


Miusha – “The Gift” (Asaga Electronica Remix) [NOPASSPORT]

Anstascia: A really great starter or podcast track. I love the randomness of the detuned synths popping in and out. A sexy summertime get-moving record.


Peace division – “Club Therapy” [Dogmatik]

Anstascia: Pretty much the epitome of groovin’ warehouse techno—rolling, then it hits you with freaky vocals that you can relate to. Definitely a classic from 1999 and now recently remastered, this gem will be played for as long as people love to dance. Right now all we need to do is bop our heads to this groove right here, ya know?


Reset Robot – “Ghost Machine” feat. Mister Woo [TrueSoul]

Anstascia: I don’t know who Mister Wooo is but these vocals are amazing: last-song-of-the-set-hands-in-the-air-take-your-clothes-off kinda vibe. Reset Robot delivers once again!


Wigbert – “Nobody” [Rawthentic]

Anstascia: There’s crazy music coming from this talented producer. This one especially is a sexy techno mind trip—something you play when you have everyone by the balls. ~


Blond:ish’s Wunderkammer EP is out now on Kompakt. For more editions of Covering Tracks, head here

Published August 08, 2014. Words by EB Team.