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Covering Tracks: DJ Marky

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask producers and DJs to take it in turns to pick ten of their favorite recent (and, sometimes, not so recent) releases. Want to wade into the deluge of music? Hate getting your feet wet? Let us help you. This week is something a little special as Brazil’s DJ Marky helms a drum’n’bass special, spotlighting ten of his favorite vocal d’n’b records from across the genre’s lifespan. Listen up.


4Hero – “9X9” (Marcus Intalex & S.T. Files Remix) [Reinforced Records]

4Hero are an absolute favorite of mine. I did a compilation album with them on BBE Records not too long ago and their selection was fantastic. This Intalex and ST Files Remix is such a solid track. The vocal is timeless and you could re-release this now and it would still do really well.


Calibre – “Even If” [Signature Records]

The man they say has d’n’b running through his veins, and when you hear tracks like this you know it to be true. Calibre has such a special way of building a track so that the drop has the maximum effect and the gentle, slow nature of the vocal is a perfect compliment for the music. What else would you expect?!


Goldie – “Inner City Life” [FFRR Records]

Goldie has made some incredible music, but this has to be his best known. It’s so atmospheric and haunting. Big breaks and an instantly recognisable vocal. It’s one of those tracks that you imagine was made with a massive smile, just knowing it was going to be an instant classic.


Makoto feat. Miri – “Untold” [Human Elements Records]

For me, Deeizm makes this track. Such a sweet lady with an even sweeter voice, almost like it was purpose built for d’n’b. Makoto is a master of this type of track, and generally when he combines with Deeizm you get something special. It’s one of those tracks that works whatever the situation—rain, shine, in the club or in the car—it doesn’t matter. VIBES!


DJ Marky & S.P.Y. feat. Miri – “Dayz Go Slow” (Makoto Remix) [Innerground Records]

I remember making the original of this track and straight away thinking, “Makoto needs to remix this”. He gave it that certain something that it needed to elevate it over and above the original. Miri’s vocal is so fresh and light that it screams “summer” from the start to the finish.


A Sides feat. MC Fats – “A Certain Sound” [True Playaz]

I’ve been friends with these guys for a long time, and generally when they combine it’s something really special. Fats has such a deep and rounded voice that when the music is played loud, you get the full intensity and it’s like adding another instrument to the mix. I’ve done a track with them on my forthcoming album and it is one of the tunes I can’t wait for people to hear.


Total Science & S.P.Y. feat. Riya – “Piano Funk” [C.I.A Records]

When I first heard this I played it over and over again for ages. It’s the simplicity of the piano sample with the vocal from Riya that makes it special. Riya is a great talent, as are the boys, Total Science and S.P.Y., but her vocals and lyrics are always on point.


Nu:Tone feat. Natalie Williams & 4Hero – “Invisible” [Hospital Records]

I love Nu:Tone’s music. He doesn’t put out millions of tracks, but when he does put something out there, I’m guaranteed to play it. This track with Natalie Williams is testament to that and in the club this absolutely goes off. So much funk and soul involved in the track, which no doubt comes from the combination of all three artists.


E-Z Rollers – “Walk This Land” [Moving Shadow]

The Moving Shadow label was one of the first labels I remember following religiously when I was working in the record shop in Sao Paulo, and when I first came across this track it stuck in my brain instantly. The genre has sped up a bit since this was released, but this is a timeless track from the Rollers.


DJ Marky & XRS Feat. Stamina MC – “LK” [V Recordings]

And then there is “LK”, one of my best known tracks and the one I always get asked to play when I’m working. When we sent it to Bryan G he was all over it and we were slightly surprised, but it hit the Top Twenty in the UK and has stood the test of time. I’ll never get tired of playing it and can’t fault the work that Stamina MC put into the vocal. ~


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Published July 25, 2014. Words by EB Team.