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Covering Tracks: Gerry Read

Covering Tracks is a new regular series where we ask artists, producers and DJs to take it in turns to pick ten of their favorite recent releases—from 12-inch vinyl slabs to chunks of data. Love new music? Hate sorting through it? Let us do the heavy lifting. This week: 21-year-old British house agitator Gerry Read.


Caustic Window – Caustic Window

I haven’t heard this yet but when I do I know I’m going to be bustin nutz all over my computer.


Nochexxx – “Rinse Dreams” [Ramp]

I got introduced to Nochexxx three years ago at a local festival without realising it was him. If I’d known I would have chewed his ear off because his tunes make me laugh out loud. His Thrusters album is the best album I’ve heard for ages.


IVVVO – “Strangers”


Ivvvo blows my mind with his tunes and in real life, he is in general sick as fuck.


∆ ∆ – “Escapades” [Fourth Wave]

I found ∆ ∆ on Soundcloud a while ago and I’m well chuffed he is releasing stuff now. Everything he does leaves me itching for more.


Cupp Cave – TT IBM [Ramp]

All of Cupp Cave’s tunes make me melt. If you haven’t heard his Retina Waves EP then go and listen to it right now.


Hackman – “Change My Life” [Future Boogie]

Been a fan of Hackman since I can remember. His forthcoming album is going to make you go ‘omg’.


Houzmon – “Cause I Need You” [Houzmon]

This man removes all doubts and fears I have of the majority of house music coming out today being dull monotonous bollocks.


Hieroglyphic Being ‎– “Acid Rain Under The Stars” [Last Known Trajectory]

All of his tunes send me to space and it’s a shame I can’t stay there.


Clark – “Superscope” [Warp]

I’ve been into Chris Clark since I was about 15 and I really like his take on techno. This tune has a wicked video too.


Hannah Diamond – “Pink and Blue” [PC Music]

This track makes me reminisce about the time in primary school where a girl had made me a massive pink Valentine’s day card and gave it to me in front of the whole class. It was covered in glitter, stickers, hearts, glue, it was mental. I then took it home where me and my mate Craig ripped it up and threw it everywhere. ~


Gerry Read’s latest 12-inch “Socialize” is out May 26th on Fourth WaveFor more editions of Covering Tracks, head here

Published May 08, 2014.