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Covering Tracks: Groundislava

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask our favorite producers and DJs to recommend ten new (and not so new) releases. This week, Wedidit’s resident videogame buff and Friends of Friends maverick among mavericks Groundislava—Jasper Patterson to his mates—tells us about his personal chart-toppers.


Objekt – “Ganzfeld” [Leisure System]

I don’t know much about this dude, but this song is absolutely amazing and has that melodic acid techno vibe from AFX or Ceephax shit. I go wild for anything that sounds like that.


Dux Content – “Lifestyle” [PC Music]

This dude Dux Content makes crazy tunes—I really dig his new album, Lifestyle. This song in particular is my favorite, it’s like baroque hardstyle [laughs].


Octave Minds – “In Silence” [Boysnoize Records / Gentle Threat Ltd.]

I got a little preview of this collab project while visiting Boys Noize at his studio when I was out in Berlin last month. Everything I heard was dope. We went and had waffles and ice cream after, so it was a good day.


Groundislava – “Feel the Heat” feat. Rare Times (Arnold Remix)

This is actually a remix of one of my tracks, but I really just love Arnold’s stuff a ton and definitely wanted to represent that on this list somewhere. He absolutely SMASHED this shit, and it always lights the whole room up when I play it out.


Nadastrom – “Fallen Down (Club Mix)” [Friends of Friends]

While I’d definitely heard the name, I wasn’t really all that familiar with Nadastrom’s tunes before this. FoF recently put this record out, and this track is just incredible. The vocal is just so raw and glues it all together perfectly.


DJ Dodger Stadium – Friend of Mine [Body High]

This whole album is incredible and I’ve yet to hear anyone say otherwise. Jerry and Samo are two of my favorite people and the music they make together is amazing. So much <333 for this.


Popcaan – “Everything Nice” [Mixpak]

I don’t think anyone dislikes the new Popcaan shit, and Dubbel Dutch killed the production. I think I’ve heard this track at least twice at every house party I’ve been to this summer. The whole record is fire.


Cool World – “Chilly (Instrumental Mix)” [Feel So Real]

Cool World is a collab record by the homies Benedek and Rare Times. They created their own brand of trippy, icy eighties funk R&B shit, and I love this little EP.


Sivey & Evil Needle – “Baby” [Soulection]
I didn’t know Sivey’s stuff before, but I found out about Evil Needle a while ago through the homie Bahwee, who runs HW&W Records. Evil Needle does some of the most melodic and synth-heavy hip-hop production around, and I really fuck with it.~


For more editions of Covering Tracks, head here. Groundislava’s LP Frozen Throne is released on September 22nd on Friends of Friends.


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Published August 22, 2014. Words by Elissa Stolman.