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Covering Tracks: Hound Scales

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask our favorite producers and DJs to recommend ten new (and not so new) releases. Upending their DJ bag this week: junta rave architect and joint founder of the mighty Fifth Wall label, Hound Scales.


Siobahn – “Enhancer” [Nostilevo]

I grabbed this cassette from Heaven St in Brooklyn, it’s mutated techno perfection.


Dynamo Dreesen/Polynomial – “Gekløder” [Acido]

I don’t think this is actually that new, but Clone still has copies so fuck it. Easily my favorite ‘dance’ tune at the moment; straight oddball vibes that sound like the audio equivalent of early Cronenberg ooze.


Emily Faryna – “Call My Name” [Vinyl On Demand]

Also not that new, and considering it’s a reissue, extremely not new. This is filthy dubby industrial that is surprisingly beautiful, a true rarity.


Moonraker – Refracuity EP [Bruxist]

Simply the best sound design I’ve heard in a long time. It’s what Cao Fei should have had as the 24/7 soundtrack to RMB City exploration.


P.O.I. – “Call This Number” [L.I.E.S]

Tape mangled garage, what the fuck more do you want? Fresh ones comin’ to Fifth Wall soon.

Young Spray – “Rich As Fuck”

Funky. Not you James. Bloodline.


Los Microwaves – “Coast To Coast” [Dark Entries]

Originally recorded in 1981, Dark Entries just brought this one back and it is such a good record. I’ve been starting off a few sets working this one into a Rabit tune much to the dismay of techno enthusiasts.


Porn Sword Tobacco & SVN – “Complaints” [Kontra Musik]

Simple and effective, good shit for bossa nights.


Pedro Vian – “News From Near Future” (Madteo remix) [Modern Obscure Music]

The original is simply beautiful. Madteo’s version is too but it also packs a good looking wallop. I’m a massive Jamal Moss fan, like everyone else, but the Hiero version is a bit of a let down after hearing that incredible new Eat My Fuck project.


J Stalin – “Neva Let u Down” feat. the Jacka, Husalah, Ampichino [Livewire Records]

I never really liked J Stalin that much but the Jack, Hus and Amp are three of the best to do it, the bay or elsewhere. this is just one of those classic SF summer tunes, that sounds feelgood but is typically gully as fuck. ~

Published August 15, 2014. Words by EB Team.