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Covering Tracks: Lazare Hoche

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask our favorite producers and DJs to recommend around 10 new (and not so new) releases. A few weeks ago, we raided the Parisian techno catacombs with the Cosmo Rhythmatic crew, and this week we’re balancing it out with some picks from one of the French capital’s finest house selectors: young gun Lazare Hoche. His eponymous record label is preparing to release a record from Headcore, the alias of longtime French house champion DJ Gregory, which drops December 1.

This is actually the final installment of Covering Tracks, and in all sincerity it’s one of our favorite ones ever. We wouldn’t say that it if wasn’t true. We’ve added just about all of these to our Discogs Wantlists.

Gene Hunt – “Jazzie” [Svek]

I was hunting this record for a while, and thanks to a certain US website, I have it in my hands now. Each time I play it, there is always a guys jumping me to ask “What’s this gem?”

Unit T – “Mystery Tones” [Sounds.]

This is a huge, stripped-down version of the famous Underground Solutions loop “Luv Dancin’” on Strictly Rhythm.

Deepside – “III” [Fnac]

French action from St Germain and Shazz.

Point G – “Have You” [Point G Records]

Gregory is back in Paris and relaunched his old Point G alias, which showed the world that he is still one of the sickest producers around. No doubt. In my eyes, this track is a future classic. It never leaves my bag and always made a great impression. I’m gonna re-issue one heavy old record from Greg later this year, this time under his Headcore alias, which was originally released on Versatile France. I’m really looking forward to giving Headcore a second life.

Skull presents Ron Maney – “Bring It Home” [Relief]

A monster track from Skull, and a crazy inspiring piece of music. On my top five list of favorite tracks, for sure.

Microman – “If I Let You Down (Remix)” [Ahab]

This one’s a real weapon from the underrated Mathtias Rosén. My Danish lover, Samuel André Madsen, showed this gem. I’ve been playing it ever since. Stunning!

The Bermuda Triangle – “Mary Celeste” [Vibraphone]

This is an epic early ’90s Italian house record from the great Roman imprint Vibraphone Records, and it’s a proper track to finish or to begin a set. Those records from Vibraphone were a big inspiration for my project Mandar, which is the trio I do with S.A.M. and Malin Génie.

Ace & The Sandman “Let Your Body Talk” [Saber]

Ace & The Sandman, also known as Virgo Four, released this record back in 1992. My friend Cyril (AKA DJ Deep) included it on his compilation series City To City—that’s actually where I discovered this gem. I was about three years old when it came out, and even though I’m not from US and I didn’t live that era, I do have a sincere and strong passion about it. As a DJ, I actually love to play new stuff, including some unreleased shit by myself or Mandar, alongside old records.

Servo Unique “Ba’ Dum Bah Da” [Luxury]

Servo Unique is one Jeff Mills’ aliases. People often thinks that Jeff Mills’ only released “house-y” stuff as Purpose Maker, but actually, this track came three years before the first Purpose Maker record, and it’s quite different. I hope this 12″ will be more easy to find one day.

Lazare Hoche & Malin Génie “Formes” [Lazare Hoche Records]

This record just came out two weeks ago. It has a different vibe from most of the music I made with Malin lately. It’s more uptempo and slowly-built stuff. This a special release to celebrate the tenth Lazare Hoche Records release. Anyway, the B-side is totally different!

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Published November 21, 2014. Words by EB Team.