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Covering Tracks: Perc and Truss

Covering Tracks is a regular series where we ask producers and DJs to take it in turns to pick ten of their favorite recent releases. Love new music? Hate sorting through it? Let someone else do the heavy lifting. It’s a double header this week as techno heavyweights Perc and Truss step up. Known individually for leading a new power surge of warehouse brutality, the two will be joining elemental forces on monstrous four-tracker Two Hundred, out July 7th, the follow-up to their 2013 collab Spiker.


Chicago Flotation Device – “Untitled 5” [Chicago Flotation Device]

Truss: Chicago by name, Chicago by nature. Simple, noisy, bleepy, catchy and above all fun. All the things I love in a good dancefloor track.

Bleaching Agent – “By Bus” [Opal Tapes]

Truss: One of Al’s more introverted tracks under his Bleaching Agent alias. Instant goosebumps every time I hear it.

Sigha – “My Blood Is Gold” [Our Circular Sound]

Truss: James has hit a run of form of late. His latest EPs for Avian and his own Our Circular Sound label have been some of his best output to date in my opinion. Killer futuristic minimalism.

An-i – “Kino i (Dub)” [Cititrax]

Truss: Tough, raw acid on the sub label of Veronica Vasicka’s Minimal Wave label. Guaranteed winner every time.

Untitled – “Track 4” [Papers]

Truss: The Papers guys have been on a roll with their series of self-released white labels. From industrial leaning broken beats to straight up acid jams there’s been at least one Papers track in pretty much every set I’ve played for the past year or so.

Robert S – “Fat Kid Eating Ice Cream” [Robert Limited]

Perc: I don’t know a great deal about this but I’ve been playing it early on in all my sets. Stripped down rough drum action with just enough industrial grit.

Marco Bernardi – “Floating” [Happy Skull]

Perc: Glasgow via Bristol. On the deeper end of what I play but I love the stabs and burbling acid background.

Dave Clarke – “Gonk” [Bush]

Perc: B-side to one of Dave’s early Red releases, this is back in the set after a quick remastering from me and injects a bit of that rougher nineties attitude.

Caustic Window – “B5 – Afx Tribal Kik” [Rephlex]

Perc: Taken from the recent Caustic Window test pressing/Kickstarter thing. Barely a minute long but a bit of looping fixes that. Aphex shout outs and a massive kick.

Tessela – “Rough 2” [R&S]

Perc: Hardcore-tinged drum workout from Tessela from his new R&S EP. Easily the most exciting take on this sound right now. ~


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Published July 04, 2014.