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Covering Tracks: Shanti Celeste

Covering Tracks is a regular series where we ask producers and DJs to take it in turns to pick ten of their favorite recent releases. Love new music? Hate sorting through it? Let them do the heavy lifting. It’s Shanti Celeste‘s turn this week. When not busy making her own music, the house newcomer works at Bristol’s Idle Hands record store, so she knows what she’s talking about.


Symbols & Instruments – “Mood” (Metaphysical Mix) [KMS]

I really love a nice pad and melody, it makes me feel all nice and thoughtful, happy or sad. For me, this is ultimate thinking music. The clubbier version is good too, though.


Pev & Kowton – “Raw Code” (Surgeon Remix) [Livity Sound]

This is such a good remix out on Peverelist and Kowton’s own Livity Sound label this month. The original is great too but I really love this one. Surgeon 4/4-ified it!


New Musik – “Warp” (llo Edit) [Pleasure International Exports]

I first heard this in a DJ Sotofett mix a while back and was like, “WOW! what is this tune!?” My friend managed to track it down but there were no copies of it for sale on Discogs. I’ve been waiting for this for a while, and although it’s an edit (the original is amazing) it still captures the goodness.


Fatima – “Do Better” [Eglo]

Really like the start of this song—and the rest that follows, obviously. It’s the kind of tune I’d listen to in the morning after getting up. It was co-written by Theo Parrish and is a really good start to Fatima’s recent album.


Ace & The Sandman – “Let Your Body Talk” [Saber]

I’m very happy that this has been repressed because it’s so lovely: acid, nice pads; thinking music for the dancefloor, basically. “Let Your Body Talk” can be played on a sunny day but I reckon it would bang at one in the morning too. I’m keen to find out, I’ve only just got it.


Andrew Ashong – “Special” [Which Way Records]

This is certainly special but it makes me feel a little bit sad. I really love the vocal on it and the way it sounds quite dubbed out.


Devin Dare – “Best” [Apron Records]

Haven’t played this out yet but can’t wait to do it. Hopefully it will go off!!


Rhythmic Theory – “Eyes Wide Shut” [Brstl]

Very excited to say this is the next release to come out on Brstl and it’s a banger! More goodness from the mysterious Rhythmic Theory.


Mo Kolours – “Mike Black” [One-Handed Music]

A friend put me onto this and I haven’t been able to stop listening to his mixes or this album since. It’s very original, I’ve really not heard anything else similar to it. Amazing album.


Ron Trent – “You’ll Never Find” [Future Vision]

I’m just a sucker for a soulful Ron Trent jam. ~


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Published May 22, 2014. Words by ebjoedavies.