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Covering Tracks: Shapednoise, Franck Vigroux, D. Carbone, and Ascion

Covering Tracks is a regular series in which we ask our favorite producers and DJs to recommend around 10 new (and not so new) releases. This time around, we tapped four producers  to go back-to-back-to-back-to-back with three picks each: Shapednoise, Franck Vigroux, D. Carbone, and Ascion, who are launching an imprint of REPITCH Recordings called Cosmo Rhythmatic. Vigroux’s inaugural release, Centaure, arrives November 10, and you can sample what’s to come via the video for the title track embedded below.

First up is Shapednoise.

Lukid – “Nine” [Liberation Technologies]

This is track that surprised me in the last month, especially because for me it has become increasingly difficult find a very great track that can make a big impact on the dance floor but at the same time is a non-standard dance floor track. Simply perfect for this purpose.

Merzbow – “Ecobondage (Ending) (Autechre Remix)” [Blast First]

One of Autechre’s essential remixex. A track which includes two of my favorite artists of all time, an amazing combination.

Sleeparchive – “Fifth Station” [REPITCH Recordings]

This one’s extracted from the latest REPITCH release. Here, the minimalist techno master continues to impress with this killer noisy Birmingham-influenced track. It’s something unique that never lets you down, every time you play it.

And now Ascion steps up to the plate.

J.T Stewart – “Krill” [Indische Buurt]

This is quite a peculiar vinyl, as it’s a 10″ cut on a 12″ plate, and sounds best when played played with the pitch at +8. It has a great impact on the dance floor! The crowd just goes crazy and get lost into the intense arpeggio and atmosphere.

Mono Junk – “I’m Okey” [Trope]

Kim Rapatti at his best. Amazing ’90s hard, trippy electro piece.

Plaid – “Host” [Beat/Warp]

Stunning atmospheric acid track. For peak hours.

D. Carbone closes out.

The 65d Mavericks – “Estrangment Of The Past” [Surface]

I don’t need many words to explain this one—just turn your sound system up and listen. I just want say thanks to Nick Dunton for letting Richard Polson live on. This is one of my favorite tracks, and I play almost in every set! R.I.P.

Gaja – “B3” [REPITCH]

When I met Gaja for the first time and heard his works, I asked myself, “Why he doesn’t release these fucking tracks?” I had to go through some pains to push him to release an EP on REPITCH, but guys, Gaja does special techno! This track is a must in my sets, like his others tracks. But this one, whenever and wherever you play it, believe me: you never do wrong. Keep your eyes on Ophism, his forthcoming label.

Angus Tarnawsky – “Pitched (AnD Remix)” [Inner Surface]

I was quite surprised when Dimitri sent over this remix. It was nice to listen AnD in a different form, a bit softer with this particular melody’s arrangement from newcomer Angus Tarnawsky. I like to play it almost at end of my sets to give a bit of happiness after kicking hard for the whole night. If you don’t know Inner Surface Music, keep your eyes on it!

Published November 07, 2014. Words by EB Team.