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Dead Fader and Sensational: Release Brutality

Dead Fader and Sensational: Release Brutality Sometimes you discover a track that makes you pound your desk and shriek “SICKKKKK” into the sky, to whatever god or ceiling fixture will listen. Dead Fader‘s latest collaboration made me do just that, with the added benefit of something jarring loose from the overhead light and landing in my mouth. Probably protein, kids!

Berlin-based noisemaker John Cohen‘s distortion-step goes to a whole new level on this latest collab. Taken off his upcoming EP work it, no, ‘Fishsh’ features the vocals of Sensational, who’s no stranger to weirdness himself. Having broken out under the name Torture, his past work has been hailed as some of the strangest, most forward-thinking experimental hip-hop ever made. With its grinding, distorted throbs and crunchy crashes, ‘Fishsh’ can (un)comfortably sit next to anything he’s done before. Though recently premiered by the always-wonderful Quietus, I’m compelled to share it with you here as well. It’s exactly the sort of thing I love, and exactly the sort of thing I think you need. Agree, or super-agree?

work it, no drops July 20th via Robot Elephant. Get on that shit.

Published June 26, 2012.