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Dear Readers,

Dear Readers, Dear Readers,

Starting today, begins another new and exciting chapter in our quest to become the digital daily for a digital vanguard. First and foremost, expect an even greater emphasis on the voices of the artists themselves from the ever-growing Electronic Beats family. From Bryan Ferry to Underground Resistance, from Apparat to Alva Noto: the new will thrive on artist’s opinions and debates, not point of view journalism. With the artists increasingly appearing as authors, EB net will become an even more sophisticated platform for the most important voices in music, art, fashion and film. And we invite you to join in the discussion.

Our aim is to write the oral history of electronic music and culture—artist by artist, day by day—using every possible medium. Sometimes clever, sometimes absurd, but always original—our artists’ reviews, monologues and recommendations will surely broaden everybody’s horizon, including our own.

Stay tuned!

Max Dax

P.S. For even more Electronic Beats content, pick up the new copy of EB Magazine and the Slices DVD.

Photo: Luci Lux

Published April 02, 2012.