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Deathbomb Arc celebrates 10 years

Deathbomb Arc celebrates 10 years It’s hard to believe that Deathbomb Arc has been around for ten years now. The Los Angeles label, founded by Foot Village‘s Brian Miller, has plowed steadily forward since 1998 with a DIY attitude and a passion for weird and exciting new music. There is no ‘typical’ DBA release; here you’ll find everything from noise rock and breakcore to witch house and punk-influenced trance, along with a whole plethora of sounds that simply fall under ‘Unknown’. It’s a mish-mash of styles that makes for an exciting time whenever Miller announces a new release.

To celebrate ten years of esoteric pleasures, Miller has revamped DBA’s website to include a full discography (large) and the first installment of an anniversary compilation series (awesome.) Featuring roster artists including tik///tik, YumaDudes (Not Not Fun noisemaker Yuma Nora and Monster Dudes), and I.E. performing covers of other roster artists, it’s a digital mind-melter that will leave your ears ringing. Join the celebration: download it here.

Published February 15, 2012.