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Deezer: easy to stream, fun to say

Deezer: easy to stream, fun to say Deezer. Deeeeeeeezer. Yeah, it’s pretty fun to say, but it’s also pretty damn useful as well. The Paris-based streaming service began life in 2006 as Blogmusik, and swiftly attracted users throughout Europe….including us, actually. No, we’re not trying to sell you a thing, but hey, if you like something, you want to talk about it. With more than fifteen million tracks available (and loads of exclusives for T-Mobile users in Austria, which is sweet if you’re Austrian) it’s certainly worth talking about, especially since the company is planning to make the leap to worldwide availability later this year (with the Netherlands being one of the first new members of the family from June) .

If you’re music nerds like us, Deezer is also great for obsessively organizing music libraries, importing mp3s (from your own computer or other streaming sites like Soundcloud) or following certain artists. Besides which, all that music you’re gathering together can be streamed on any device, even if you’re offline… yes, we know that ‘offline’ is a strange concept, but it happens. There are a few different accounts you can get with various services attached, but even the most expensive is like ten bucks. The website is pretty intuitive and includes a graphic equalizer to adjust the bass, treble and whatnot on each track. All in all, it’s just a damn good service. We’re really happy to use it, and we think you will be too. And hey, it’s way more fun to say than ‘Spotify’. Check it out here.

Published May 03, 2012.