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Dillon’s New Video Mixes Gracefulness, Sadness, and Suspense

As a new Electronic Beats staffer, I’ve been born (so to speak) into a legacy of Dillon-related content. We’ve run cover stories, Slices features, live performances, and past video premieres about the singer-songwriter, yet her latest video is my proper introduction to her work.

“Lightning Sparked,” a song plucked from her most recent LP, The Unknown,  opens with Dillon’s girlish voice over melancholic piano keys and an implied beat held down by faraway percussive sounds. The clip is a long shot of a woman falling through empty space, and as the camera pans to different parts of her body—the wind pushing her hair against gravity, her back arching—there develops a sense of gracefulness mixed with sadness and permeated with suspense.

So, I can see why Electronic Beats has kept such a close eye on this girl. Looks like I have some catching up to do—and I’ll start with this:

Published October 03, 2014. Words by Elissa Stolman.