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Discovering Dangerous Boys Club

Discovering Dangerous Boys Club Sometimes, you’re late with stuff. When masses of information are passing through you every day, that’s just the way it is sometimes. So we don’t feel too bad in saying that today was the first time we ever heard Dangerous Boys Club, though it does comes as a surprise that this one passed us by somehow. Not only does the group feature members of old favorites Get Hustle, Silentist and Antioch Arrow, it also sounds like the kind of stuff we eat right up. Fuzzed-out synths, bashed organs, and echoing, caterwauling vocals are the essential components to this project, creating a massive, messy delight somewhere between the synth-punk weirdness of Nervous Gender and the goth pomposity of Trust.

This is a strange little treat that we’re happy to share with you, and a cool reminder that, no matter how much audio you consume or how much you think you know about what’s going on, there will always be a hundred awesome bits that will pass you by. So keep your ears open, and be sure to pick up DCB’s debut album VRIL here!

Published June 05, 2012.