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DIY audio bazaar

Published on March 23, 2012 13:34 Berlin Time

DIY audio bazaar Knowledge is best shared. And music lovers do this best, exchange their hottest tips, bands and labels. Indpendent music labels, fans and audiophiles will have a chance to show their music luv on today, Friday 23 March 2012 at the Chapeau Rouge club in Prague. Visitors can download music by local independent labels or support – buy – records and other related ephemera.

What is more, fans can exchange their music collections. Some of the best local labels will also showcase their ouevre – including the electronic-pop-indie imprint Starcastic, DIY label Bleeding Ear /who published the coldwave influenced Prague-based project Moduretik/ or hip hop stable Big Boss. So get away from all the ones and zeroes and enjoy a bit of analogue IRL niceness.

After you will have swapped all your 12″, tapes and CD´s (if you´re lucky enough to get rid of your 1999 best of), an assortment of Czech underground bands from electronics through post-rock will provide live entertainment.

Chapeau Rouge, 23 March 2012