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Dntel sheds a ‘Bright Light’

Dntel sheds a 'Bright Light' Dntel will release his first album since 2010’s After Parties 1 and 2 on June 5th. Not only that, it will also be the first album of new material since 2007. The producer, who you might also know as Jimmy Tamborello, is dropping Aimlessness on Pampa, the record label run by Marcus Fink and DJ Koze. Especially exciting is the news that dreamy, ghostly pop kids Nite Jewel and Baths would be contributing to the record as well, with Tamborello contributing some of his vocals as well.

Check the tracklist below, and stream ‘Bright night’ here.

01. waitingfortherest II
02. Jitters
03. Still
04. My Orphaned Son
05. Bright Night
06. Retracer
07. Puma
08. Santa Ana Winds
09. Trudge
10. Jitters (Geotic mix)
11. Doc (Dntel mix)
12. Paper Landscape

Published March 27, 2012.