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Download Arca’s ‘Manners’

Download Arca's 'Manners' Arca came seemingly out of nowhere earlier this year with the mind-melting Stretch 1EP, a strung-out collection of low ends, syrupy vibes and insectile vocals. Needless to say, we played the hell out of it (occasionally to the point of making people nauseous….it’s amazing what a good subwoofer can do) and eagerly waited for more. The NYC producer is now gearing up for his upcoming physical debut Stretch 2, dropping August 6th via UNO NYC. ‘Manners’ is our first taste of the LP, and it lives up to its name. Subdued, repetitive percussion highlights the spaced-out synth stabs, and the denouement is a plucked and teased kora….a bit of a side-step from ‘Ass Swung Low‘, but engaging on an entirely new plane.

Arca – Stretch 2
1. Self Defense
2. Fortune
3. Maiden Voyage
4. 2 Blunted
5. Tapped In
6. Strung
7. Brokeup
8. Meditation
9. Manners

Published June 28, 2012.