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Dro Carey returns with new video & ‘Leary Blips’ EP

Dro Carey returns with new video & 'Leary Blips' EP I still remember that blooper at Honest Jon‘s record store last year in March: Will Bankhead had recently released Dro Carey‘s new Venus Knock EP, while an announcement on his Trilogy Tapes-blog came alongside the words ‘leary blips’ – which made me ask for the ‘Dreary Bleeps’ EP at Honest Jon’s counter. Quite a fitting (while embarrassing) misunderstanding on my part I think.

Following up on a number of EPs on Ramp, Templar Sound, and Hum + Buzz, Australian producer Dro Carey (aka Eugene Hector) now continues with the new track ‘Banking on the Blip’ and a clip by director Magneto as “part 3 in a series (of) three song/video combinations“, using material from the Yayoi Kusama documentary ‘I Love Me’:

Also, Carey finally is set to release the Leary Blips EP mentioned above on The Trilogy Tapessoon” – we already hinted you towards this with Videodrome #45 the other day. Keep a beady eye on Dro Carey in the future, since it’s just a matter of time until his breakthrough.

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Published March 27, 2012.