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Drowned City – New film about Pirate Radio

Drowned City - New film about Pirate Radio

Drowned City is a new film by British director Faith Millin. Exploring the shady world of UK pirate radio the film is unprecedented in the access gained the to people behind the stations, who are naturally wary about sharing details of their broadcasting activities.

As anyone who has tried to tune a radio in the Greater London area can testify Pirate Radio is indelible part of the UK’s music community. With stations like Rinse going legit, and the advent of digital platforms the future for the Pirates is unclear, so Drowned City could not come at a better time as it documents the people behind the pylons, and gives these mis-interpreted figures a voice of their own in the wider world.

No release date is scheduled yet for the film, which is apparently still in post production, but we’ll let you know as soon as we have one.

Drowned City Teaser 2 from Pundersons Gardens on Vimeo.

Published June 06, 2011.