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Dublicator to release new EP on Eintakt

Published on October 6, 2011 12:15 Berlin Time

Dublicator to release new EP on Eintakt Tamás Olejnik aka Dublicator is about to release a new four track EP called Compact Impulses on German label Eintakt, and you can check out one of the tracks below.

Tamás is an up-and-coming producer from Hungary. He started playing with sounds in the mid 90’s and his Dublicator project took shape between 2000 and 2005 with his first release in 2006.
If you’re into the deeper sounds of dub techno you should really check out his previous two albums Singularity and Spectrum on French labels ZeECc and Entropy Records. They’re both blissful journeys through reverberating spaces, with some of the tracks being at home on a sandy beach at sunset with production that is top-notch. Singularity seems to be the more sombre of the two, though both albums are well worth a listen.
Tamás‘s other projects include MetaComplex, which focuses on electro and Antendex an ambient and experimental project. He’s currently working on a new Dublicator album to be released next year.