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Easter Egg Vol. 1: EB Radio

Easter Egg Vol. 1: EB Radio Intuition tells us you potentially take offense at being inundated with images of multi-pastelled eggs and bunny rabbits. We feel the same. Nevertheless, in keeping up with our pan-religious agenda (re: last December’s 8 classic Kraftwerk Hanukkah album reviews/month-long post-sundown Ramadan postings), we’re proud to present to you our Easter Special – an in-depth look at the four pillars of the Electronic Beats cosmos: EB Radio,, Slices, and EB Magazine. This moveable EB smorgasbord will be our first, but by no means our last. So whip out your lunisolar calendars and be on the lookout every first Sunday after the full moon following the northern hemisphere’s vernal equinox, regardless of whether you’re hunting for eggs, the afikoman or tail at this year’s SNAX. – AJ Samuels, EB Magazine Editor

NO GODS NO MODS NO BUNNIES. Electronic Beats is made of sterner stuff. Still, everyone loves a holiday off work, so why not celebrate an old-fashioned idea with something more new-school: online giveaways! Today we’re going to find out about EB Radio, and at the end of it we’re going to tell you how ten of you can win all the Electronic Beats 2001 Compilation double 12″ vinyl – free and direct! The rest of you will get only tears and cold ashes in your basket. But hey, you’ll be a little bit more knowledgable about Electronic Beats, and that’s cool too.

EB Radio went on air in 2008, the same year I found a bad-ass record player on the street. You call that coincidence? I call it an X-File waiting to happen. The general format of the show is:
HOUR ONE: Interview, tracks by the artist (or his favorite choices, which is always fun when they’re non-linear thinkers or just straight-up freaks.)
HOUR TWO: A mix provided by the artist is played, and the artist and the host usually chill in the background and get tore up. During an interview with the French group dOP, there was extensive vodka drinking.
The recording can take place anywhere from simple studios to backstage at Berghain, as well as EB Festivals. Speaking of which, FluxFM also airs live recordings from EB’s various festivals, so even if you weren’t able to attend one, you can still experience sets from favorites like Austra, Zola Jesus and a plethora of other cool stuff.

EB-Buddies Modeselektor were one of the first live guests, promoting their Moderat album release on Monkeytown Records. They didn’t make the wallpaper fall down like the time they DJ’d in the old offices, but it was a pretty good time anyway. Since 2010, the show has been in the capable hands of host Mathias Weck. With an intense interest in the history and musical approach of each artist, he’s given us chats with the likes of Caribou, Azari & III, Buraka Som Sistema, Apparat, Jesse Rose, and Terre Thaemlitz, just to name a few.

Okay, so now we get to the free stuff! You see the embedded thing below this? That’s your Easter treat! Fill it out, and you just might have a stylish slab of vinyl heading your way. And hey, make sure to tune in every Thursday to FluxFM for Mathias’ EB Radio Sessions, and don’t miss the sick mixes on our Radio section as well! Want the Radio app? Get it here. Messiah remix, going off.


Published April 06, 2012.