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Easter Egg Vol. 4: EB Magazine

Easter Egg Vol. 4: EB Magazine Intuition tells us you potentially take offense at being inundated with images of multi-pastelled eggs and bunny rabbits. We feel the same. Nevertheless, in keeping up with our pan-religious agenda (re: last December’s 8 classic Kraftwerk Hanukkah album reviews/month-long post-sundown Ramadan postings), we’re proud to present to you our Easter Special – an in-depth look at the four pillars of the Electronic Beats cosmos: EB Radio,, Slices, and EB Magazine. This moveable EB smorgasbord will be our first, but by no means our last. So whip out your lunisolar calendars and be on the lookout every first Sunday after the full moon following the northern hemisphere’s vernal equinox, regardless of whether you’re hunting for eggs, the afikoman or tail at this year’s SNAX.

Marshall McLuhan famously proclaimed that the medium is the message. With the future of print as our focus, this statement couldn’t be more applicable. Electronic Beats Magazine is about contemporary culture in the broadest sense. What’s new about the magazine is not its focus on cultural icons, but rather the fact that these icons appear as protagonists within a single artistic framework. In other words: EB Magazine reflects the cultural self-image of those who see electronic music and culture as the foundation of both the digital revolution and, in turn, analog evolution.

Electronic Beats Magazine hones in on the voices of the artists and musicians themselves. Conceptually, the magazine is divided into three sections, each inspired by an aspect of spoken language – not unlike Andy Warhol’s Interview. Under the direction of former Spex Editor-In-Chief Max Dax, the monologues, interviews and conversations featured in Electronic Beats thrive on opinions and debates, not neutral “point-of-view” journalism. With the artists as authors, the magazine becomes a sophisticated platform for the most important voices in music and other media, including (just to name a few) Glenn O’Brien, Chris Dercon, Steven Levy, Arto Lindsay, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Björk, Panda Bear, Terre Thaemlitz, and Brian Eno.

“Magazines should make sure to answer their readers’ questions”, says Chris Dercon in the magazine’s latest Spring 2012 issue. “When people understand that their questions are heard and taken seriously, it increases both the publication’s reliability and sustainability.” Not only does EB magazine answer questions, it also creates them.

Electronic Beats Magazine is released quarterly and can be found in select boutiques, hotels, cafes, book shops, record stores and universities, as well as online on Issuu. Naturally you can also subscribe to it, but here’s the part where we tell you how to get a full year’s worth of EB Magazine for free! Just fill in the form below, knock on wood and hopefully become one of the 10 lucky readers that will receive four copies delivered right to their door. Who doesn’t love Mondays?


Foto: Eva Beth + Torsten Oelscherl,

Published April 09, 2012.