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Eastern Haze: August

August always feels like a slowed-down sloth of a month, with an increasingly annoying amount of automatic out-of-office replies and general laziness pervading the air.

The music cognoscenti increasingly eschew the summer sedation in favor of a consistent flow of new releases, and this is no exception in the Eastern shores. Ladies and gents, let me commence the next installment of our sonic explorations.

Bangeliz is one of the new projects on the recently revamped Polish label Mik Musik. A woozy journey through hazy, dubby, post-punk and ethereal sonic territories make it a rather sentimental but none the less pleasant aural ride. Their new mixtape album is out now for your listening pleasure.

Although geographically same, the next audio specimen is sonically slightly different, more guttural and raw. Sultan Hagavik is a duo from Wroclaw whose main musical medium is the tape deck. Their EP Same Przeboje is an excercise in avant garde electronics, reappropriation, imbued with a de rigeur ironic serioussness… or serious irony? Check out their cover artwork, and decide for yourself.

Fat Kid Beny is the founding member of the fledgling Serbian rap collective RAP CAT$. He has embarked on a solo journey with his latest batch of synthy, dirty tracks and raw beats, a sonic document of ‘disillusioned cul-de-sac feelings’.

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Published August 28, 2012.