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EB Album Premiere: Maya Jane Coles – Comfort

This is the European premiere of Comfort, the debut album by house star Maja Jane Coles. For some, it may be surprising that this is only her debut, her presence within dance music since 2010 and that DJ Mag best newcomer gong been that pervasive. In a relatively short time she’s been on the cover of a score of magazines, clocked up highly rated releases on—and this is not an exhaustive list—Hypercolour, 20/20 Vision, Mobilee and Dogmatik, become an unavoidable presence on the global DJ circuit and presided over one of the best instalments of DJ Kicks in the longrunning series. This isn’t hyperbole, this is just the facts. Comfort, then, doesn’t exactly arrive unburdened by the weight of anticipation, but hell, if Coles was sweating it, it doesn’t show here.

Recorded in her home studio, with Coles playing every instrument herself, the result is workably low key—she even designed the sleeve herself (who knew she was a polymath?). Of course, there was a roll call of guests lining up to feature, and Karin Park, Kim Ann Foxman and Miss Kittin make the cut. It kind of wants you to post the record through every letterbox of commissioning editor who still gets legwork out of condescending women in dance music features. Of course, there are countless acclaimed dance music producers who never master the LP format, time to see if MJC is one of ’em.

Unfortunately the stream is blocked in Italy / Sweden / Finland / Australia / Holland / Belgium / UK.
Comfort by Maya Jane Coles is out via I/AM/ME and Kobalt on June 28, 2013.

Published June 23, 2013.