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EB Album Premiere: Tosca’s Tlapa

We adore Austria for its long lasting, unstoppable output of easy to listen to electronica and especially Mr. Kruder and Mr. Dorfmeister, who started the game through releasing one of the most selling mix CDs on earth back in 1996. Their DJ Kicks CD, mixed for the Horst Weidenmüller-operated !K7 imprint in Berlin, definitely changed the game of mix CDs: these days, every little music outlet has its mix CDs. Anyway, 17 years later Richard Dorfmeister of K&D-fame is about to release his second album in 2013—together with his new partner, Rupert Huber under their Tosca umbrella, entitled Tlapa. And as it’s some sort of tradition for Tosca to get their albums remixed, Tlapa is a remix version of their earlier relased album Odeon, featuring reworks form the likes of Makossa & Megablast, Brendon Moeller, long-time friends Marlow & Rainer Trueby and many more.

Tosca’s Tlapa album is out August, 16th via !K7.

Published August 12, 2013. Words by moritz.schmall.