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EB Album Premiere: Tricky – False Idols

As promised yesterday, here’s the full stream of Tricky‘s tenth album False Idols.

We know what you’re thinking so we’re nailing our colors to the mast: it’s up there with Angels With Dirty Faces—our favorite LP by the MC-savant. However, the album has been cited as a career-best—by the creator himself. “Some people say it was the soundtrack to their youth,” said Tricky in a statement on his website, of his benchmark Maxinquaye album, the standard by which all his albums have come to be judged. “You can’t challenge that. But musically this is a better album.”

Strong words. Now it’s time to make your own call. The album certainly doesn’t lack reach, featuring guest vocals by Francesca Belmonte, Fifi Rong, Nneka and Peter Silberman of The Antlers. Eager for more? You can read an interview with Tricky in the next issue of Electronic Beats Magazine.

Unfortunately this stream is not accessible for people living in the US. If that’s you, head here.

False Idols is released on May 28th, on False Idols, an imprint of !K7.

[ebaudioplayer tracklist='{“0”:{“title”:”Somebody's Sins”,”url”:”″},”1″:{“title”:”Nothing Matters”,”url”:”″},”2″:{“title”:”Valentine”,”url”:”″},”3″:{“title”:”Bonnie & Clyde”,”url”:”″},”4″:{“title”:”Parenthesis”,”url”:”″},”5″:{“title”:”Nothing's Changed”,”url”:”″},”6″:{“title”:”If Only I Knew”,”url”:”″},”7″:{“title”:”Is That Your Life”,”url”:”″},”8″:{“title”:”Tribal Drums”,”url”:”″},”9″:{“title”:”We Don't Die”,”url”:”″},”10″:{“title”:”Chinese Interlude”,”url”:”″},”11″:{“title”:”Does It”,”url”:”″},”12″:{“title”:”I'm Ready”,”url”:”″},”13″:{“title”:”Hey Love”,”url”:”″},”14″:{“title”:”Passion of the Christ”,”url”:”″}}’ trackingid=”100″ geoblock=”US”]This stream is not available in your country.[/ebaudioplayer]


Published May 22, 2013.