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EB Album Premiere: Various Artists – ZZK Sound Vol. 3

While we’re getting flooded with various UK Dance maneuvers and North American future R’n’B happenings, the South American continent is not sleeping. Hailing from the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, there’s a little imprint called ZZK Records, responsible for the release of  local heroes such as La Yegros, Frikstailers or Tremor. This week, they’re visiting Berlin for the first time to introduce digital cumbia to the Berlin crowd—a fitting mixture of classical, North Columbian cumbia and contemporary bass. The whole digital cumbia thing started with, a bilingual arts and culture website founded by label-boss Grant C. Dull in the early 2000s. After establishing this as an entry point for contemporary Latin-eclectro lovers, the next step was pretty obvious: running a club and giving the kids a place to listen and dance to the label’s latest sounds. That’s the Zizek Club—famous for their advanced manipulations of traditional folklore and electronic zeitgeist. After setting up the blog and running a club, there wasn’t much left to accomplish other than coming up with their very own imprint. ZZK Records was born. The ZZK Sound sampler was the perfect introduction, and it’s just a few days to go until their third installment sees the light of day, but you can pre-order it here and listen to it now:

Published June 24, 2013.