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EB Exclusive: Adrian Sherwood mixtape

EB Exclusive: Adrian Sherwood mixtape When UK dub legend Adrian Sherwood announced that he would be releasing his third solo album this summer, many an audiophile’s ears perked up. Sherwood’s work as a producer and remixer for the likes of Primal Scream, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Einstürzende Neubauten and Skinny Puppy has long cemented his legacy as a sonic perfectionist who lent a brilliant sheen to the noisier realms of electronic music and darker experimental indie outfits. While Survival & Resistance won’t be released until August 17th (on Sherwood’s own On-U Sound imprint), we’ve managed to get an exclusive mix from the man himself, featuring tracks from the highly anticipated LP. Lucky, lucky you.

1. “Two semitones and a raver” – Adrian Sherwood
2.”Swish” – Pinch/Sherwood (feat.Andy Fairley)
3.”Where’s My Money” – Caspa
4.”Garrison Town” – Mustakillah Sound, United Forces of Dub (feat.Ghetto Priest)
5.”Revolution” – Congo Natty
6.”Greenleaves”- Adrian Sherwood
7.”Immigrants” – Adrian Sherwood
8.”Run them away” – Pinch/Sherwood (feat.Bim Sherman)
9.”Skies over Cairo” – Django Django
10.”God Smiled – Lee Perry
11.”We flick the switch” – Adrian Sherwood feat. Lilli
12.”Mash up 1″ – MC Hippo feat.Mikey Dread,Big Youth
13.”Mash Up 2″ – feat.Brother Culture, Prince Fari
14.”Take Heed” – Prince Fari
15.”Ghettolgy” – Pinch/Sherwood (feat.Junior Delgado)
16.”Microchip” – Congo Natty
17.”New Beginnings” – Congo Natty

Published July 11, 2012.