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EB Exclusive – Mark Stewart remixed by Pinch

EB Exclusive - Mark Stewart remixed by Pinch Mark Stewart, lead singer of legendary post-punk band The Pop Group and uncompromising solo artist who alongside his ‘Mafia’ cohorts and long time producer Adrian Sherwood forged raw, dub and industrial influenced political polemics is releasing a new album called The Politics of Envy. The album will be released on March 26th and as a teaser, we are very excited to bring you an Electronic Beats exclusive – the Pinch remix of ‘Autonomia’ which is a collaboration between Stewart and Primal Scream. Pinch, who is the man behind Tectonic recordings, takes the original track’s spiky energy and chips it away to leave a dense, brooding sound-scape. It’s HEAVY. Take a listen below

Published February 14, 2012.