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EB Listening: Carter Tutti Void’s ‘Transverse’ live album

EB Listening: Carter Tutti Void's 'Transverse' live album This is when musical legends and talents collide: Carter Tutti Void, the collaboration from Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti (both of Throbbing Gristle-fame) and Factory Floor‘s Nik Void, was initiated exclusively for an appearance at Mute Records‘ 2011 ‘Short Circuit presents Mute’ festival at London’s Roundhouse. This special set was already great news for friends of machine music, but seeing the live recordings being released as vinyl and CD on Mute is even greater news.

The track titles on the Transverse live album are kept pretty low-key, the music itself sounds raw, brute, very repetitive, and dry as a bone, with very few haunting vocals and pumping rhythm progressions – krautrock and techno, experimental music, noise, and witch house, it’s all in there. ‘Transverse’ feels like a maelstrom, pulling the listener in deeper and deeper during the 10 minute-long pieces. Listen to the full album below, and if you do so: play them loud!


Carter Tutti Void – Transverse:
1. V1
2. V2
3. V3
4. V4

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Published March 21, 2012.