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EB Listening: Dreamers – ST

EB Listening: Dreamers - ST Holy moly. The LA-based label Germ isn’t just killing it lately; they’re straight massacring it. A few weeks ago we brought you the debut stream of Hecuba’s sophomore LP Modern, and if that one was pop bliss, this is pure electronic rage. The duo of Megan Gold and Robbie Williamson have just released their self-titled debut as Dreamers, and we’re blasting this hard enough to rattle the windows. Punching, searing sonic beats punctuate the puncture of Gold’s voice, which sounds like Siouxsie Sioux grew up listening to Hole‘s Pretty On The Inside on repeat. Or what the fuck ever, it sounds like what it is: thrashy, trashy ravepunk that makes you sweat like a beast before making you swoon with a surprisingly beautiful climax. Our hearts and ears are jizzing like crazy. If this is the debut, we’re pumped for what these dreamers bring us next.

Dreamers is out today. Pick it up and play it loud.

Published May 23, 2012.